Map Loading Bug

Anyone else experiencing this.? When the game starts its just a low quality image of part of the map, can’t see HUD or move around, but can hear all the game audio happening until you get disconnected for being AFK. Happened to me three times just today.

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I had something similar happen a few times yesterday. When the match loads in and it’s supposed to show the player intros, the camera is just on a random part of the map. Then we spawn in and I have no HUD, can’t jump or crouch or shoot. I had to spam tab in and out the client and then I can shoot but still no hud. I have to play the rest of the ranked match with no reticle/hud.

Yeah, I didn’t think of tabbing out, but wasn’t getting any response to any button presses in game besides start. Playing this game on PC is becoming very frustrating.

Here is a video from one of those games