Map - Kraken

Nexus (reach)
Warlock/Warlord (H2/H2A)

Map Explanation:
Symmetrical 4 base map focused on br play with few power weapons (2 shotguns, 1 sentinel beam). I made this map originally in reach and it was play tested a bit but there was frame rate issues and now on xbox one with 60 fps, I am hoping these issues are gone. I have been in the forge community for a while (mainly in reach/h4) I stopped playing one MCC came out due to many problems with the game and I started it way back then and now I recently got back into finishing it. I have been out of the forge loop for a long time and am currently looking for some feedback and play testing whenever I can. To downloand this map add my GT ABCrossbones. I will be online almost all the time during weekdays to download. It is in my fileshare.

Everything you see on red/ blue side are mirrored back to the other teams side of the map, same with green and yellow base.
The map is set up for slayer/oddball/ctf/koth/ffa/assault but it is recommended to be played as KOTH/Ball/Slayer.
Top overview

Red Spawn:

Blue Spawn:

Yellow Hill POV:

Green Hill:

Back Green hill:

Blue/yellow corner:

Back Blue:

Middle overview:

This would be better suited for the Community Creations Forum.

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> This would be better suited for the Community Creations Forum.

He or she is correct looks good though!

Amazing map! Looks great, keep up the good work.