Map: Killbox Multiple gametypes

Map KillBox
Canvas Impact
8-16 players

Killbox is a multi room, multi level environment
Red base is a 2 level area with multiple different leveled terrain and 3 exits in and out 2 exits to orange and 1 exit to the tunnel to blue base.
Blue base is a 2 level area with 2 exits one to orange room and the other to red base tunnel.
Orange room consist of 3 level terrain with 3 exits 1 to blue base and 2 to red base. Orange room has 1 teleporter to 3rd level and a catwalk suspended int he air.
Each room has its own colored lighting.

Heres a preview video walk through

Game types: Slayer, CTF, Oddball, KOTH, Flood, Extraction, Swat

1x Battle rifle
x2 Snipers
x1 Chaingun
2x shotguns

Ordinance Drops
1x rocket launcher
2x needlers
A random drop

fileshare tagged: Killbox, Reaper3bot0, Bloodiest, Slayer, CTF, KOTH

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