[Map] Hadron [4-10 players]


Min. Players: 4
Max. Players: 10
Supported Gametypes: Assault , Crazy King , Headhunter , King of the Hill , Multi Flag , Neutral Bomb , Neutral Flag , Oddball , One Bomb , One Flag , Slayer , Team Slayer
DLC Required: None (Default Maps)
Canvas Map: Forgeworld
Download Link: Download Now

Created by: Makisupa 007

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Hadron is a dense plasma generation site. Utilizing the compact particle collider, plasma used for ship propulsion and weaponry is produced within this hidden facility.

Hadron is a medium sized map best suited for matches ranging in size between 4-10 players. It is a symmetrical map with the hadron collider in the center of the map and various pathways leading around and through the machine.

Taking the center passageway through the collider is the most direct way across the map toward the enemy base, but the map design leaves you vulnerable as you are funneled down to a single exit point. On the second level there are several ramped tunnels leading around the hadron. And there are two third level ramps that lead to lofted sniping areas that can also be used to cross from one side of the map to the other.

The finished plasma is being drawn out of the top of the collider and flows up and out of the facility through the ceiling. Be careful not to stand to close to the plasma disharge.

Out of the supported gametypes listed I recommend: Slayer, Team Slayer, Multi or One Flag, Assult or One Bomb, King of the Kill, and Crazy King.

DMR start is also recommended.

Weapon Count:
6 DMR’s
4 - Plasma Pistols
2 - Sniper Rifles
1 - Energy Sword
1 - Shotgun
1 - Rocket Launcher

Please enjoy Hadron. Comments and feedback are appreciated.

DOWNLOAD HADRON](http://imgur.com/a/JGmO3#0)](http://www.bungie.net/Stats/Reach/FileDetails.aspx?fid=26766166&player=Makisupa%20007)

That’s an incredible map! Fantastic job! :smiley:

The photos look awesome, I’m downloading and will post feedback once I played it

Epic map. Love the sword room. One criticism, maybe put soft kill zones on the far right and left walls as you can jetpack up there and have a view point of the whole map

Thanks Lehnaru.

I will add those death barriers around the outside edges. Good catch. Thanks for the feedback.