Map / game mode veto

Stockpile isn’t my thing and the RNG of the map pool has had me play Streets in 75% of games in Ranked recently, would like to play other maps (it’s not you, it’s me).

Could we get a way to down / upvote maps / game modes or have a veto system on the eventual roadmap? Thanks.


I think both a veto system AND the ability to queue for specific gamemodes would be nice. Like a mix of Halo 3/Reach and MCC.

I was very hesitant when I heard you couldn’t pick the game type.

I really only wanted to play Slayer.

I wasn’t too disappointed with Oddball - that’s an old favourite.

But I was very wary of Stockpile. Didn’t think I’d like it - but it’s growing on me fast. I’ve found it particularly helpful to play while not knowing the maps very well.

CTF on the otherhand… not keen on in 4v4. You really get done over by the organised fireteams.