Map frequencies...

Ever since the Weapon tuning update 434i also changed the map frequencies for how often they get picked.
All I ever see now is BTIS; Complex, Vortex, Settler and for IS; Simplex, Opus.

Since the update I still haven’t gotten to play Ragnarok on BTIS and have only played Exile once.

So can 434i just make all map frequencies even? I realize that before the update all we got was Ragnarok, Exile and Haven but now we’ve had a break from those maps can’t you just make all the map frequencies the exact same? so we get every single map an even amount of times? I don’t see how this is hard to do but somehow 434i hasn’t done it yet.

Do you want to see the map frequencies equal? Or just keep playing the same map OVER and OVER and OVER again.

434i is close enough

Amen, Ragnarok and Exile are popular they need to come up a bit more often (though not as often as when it first came out)