Map feedback/ Help.

Hi! I’ve recently begun construction of a map I call ‘Pitch Black’. It is a medium-sized map set in almost total darkness. There are two holdout points with lights, a constantly exploding reactor and a few darkened buildings in between.

I want some feedback on the overall structure and also some help placing spawns for humans and zombies, as I’ve never made an infection game/map before, so I don’t know what the bloody hell I’m doing!

I’m just gonna run upstairs and put it in my FileShare and then make a linky link for it.


Here’s the link.


I can’t remember if I put the effects down… If not, place Juicy, Purple and then Orange for the nighttime effect. :slight_smile:

if you want a tip post this in the community creations thread you should get alot of feedback or somone will stroll by and look at your map

Yeah, just asked a mod to move it there, thanks.