Map editing services!

Hey guys, I have a friendly chill clan, and we do a lot of custom games! The thing is I made most of our maps and we need new maps :frowning: I’m not all for looking on YouTube and file share stuff, my clan likes to play fun custom maps that I edited! Not to toot my own warthog horn but i’m am an EXCELLENT forger! :stuck_out_tongue:

ANYWAY! If you simply want help editing a map that you want to turn into something awesome and you ran out of ideas, lemme know by message me on here, commenting, or messaging my gamertag which is my username on waypoint! I’ve helped a lot of people turn their maps amazing by simple or big changes and made their maps very popular! I specialize in slayer and infection maps btw people. The only favor I ask in return is you allowing me to keep a copy of your map and using it on my big custom game nights with my clan members and other various random people I invite to play!

I like doing this for fun too guys, I like helping the community!

Hi! Just letting you know I would REALLY like help on an infection map I made, but the problem is I can’t get on my Xbox right now and I didn’t put it on my file share. I was just wondering if I could message you when I get it back and you could help. I would really appreciate it.