Map design

Playing the technical preview I was left wanting a bit more cover in certain areas. Theres alot of open areas in fhese maps that in my opinion could be helped to become better fighting areas by breaking up some of the sightlines. Not even necessarily large obstructions, maybe more trees on behemoth, or more poles and small objects, trash bins, crates, etc. placed in some of the open areas to just provide a way to protect yourelf from at least one other angle. But avoid placing these small objects directly next to large map geometry, for example many trees on behemoth are right next to the rocks and pieces of forerunner structure that dont provide much cover but add obstructions when trying to run around the rocks and near walls. I just feel the fast TTK in this game really needs to be offset with more opportunity to protect yourself

Yeah, I definitely notice of Recharge and more so Bazaar, the center’s are just death zones since everybody spawn’s with a rifle that works at long range while being full-auto. I think nerfing the AR range, and removing its headshot multiplier should fix these issues somewhat compared to editing the maps.