Map Design - Jump Routes and Vaulting

I included this in my general feedback thread ( but felt the need to make a separate on the subject.

Many ledges on the flights maps are inaccessible without the use of vaulting even when crouch jumping, taking you out of combat flow and making map traversal while fighting basically impossible, and closing down outplay opportunities. I think vaulting is a great mechanic that softens the punishment of imperfect jumps and opens up long jumps, but I don’t think the majority of jumps on the map should be designed around this mechanic.

Vaulting and crouch jumping would be cool, mix things up a little.

definitely felt this too. Fell like the maps can get in the way of assisting teammates depending on where you spawn or if you are trying to come cover. a lot of running around or having to make 2-3 jumps to get on a ledge. feel like it takes away from the pace of play. I get not wanting a 1 dimensional map, but making it where you have to run all the way around a base or clamber, jump, clamber, jump keeps you out of team fights

This is by design. Just look at how many jump boxes are on Bazaar and you have to clamber twice to get up there. Imagine if it was like the jump boxes on H3 Pit and you could crouch jump. Movement would be so much more fluid. The map design is built around clamber to justify clamber, not to make the gameplay better.