Map Design Feedback

I know there is a social arena feedback thread, but I have a ton of feedback on map design with slayer versus objective so starting a thread to list feedback with a focus on map design as I wish there was a dedicated thread for this. Note that weapon damage and range is directly related to map design so feel free to discuss it.

General Map Comments

  • The AR is far too powerful at close to medium range outclassing basically all other guns. The community has always hated BR spawns so I will compare it to being exactly like that except at least the BR spawns has a positive being a precision weapon that takes skill to use versus the current spray and pray state of matches now. - The smaller maps NEED players to spawn with 1 grenade and have at most 1 grenade spawn on the map. Halo Infinite is playing like Halo 1 with grenade spam for days. - I feel like the 2 precision weapons that spawn on each map either don’t have enough ammo, don’t respawn fast enough, or maybe there needs to be 4 precision weapons on the map. It feels like they respawn at about 70% the rate of power weapons, maybe try 40 or 50%? - I’m fine with smaller maps and current sprint as there are no “dead zones” in any maps due to elongated map designs to accommodate sprint.Bazaar - Slayer
    My opinion is this map is on track to be one of the worst slayer maps in franchise history. It may end up getting removed from the Slayer playlist just like Orion was for Halo 5. That is how unbalanced the map is currently.

  • The rocket is too strong and spawns too frequently - There is no reason to hold down any other spot other than rockets - Here is the ultimate setup to win: 1 person camps the BR/Commando spawn looking across. 1 person camps the room above OS covering mid/across. 1 person on rockets. 1 person with grapple can push in with cover. Game over. - The potential counter to rockets is the OS/Invis or maybe the grapple, but they are located in a terrible spots. Basically if you own rocket, you also own the OS/Invis/grapple. If you pick up OS/Invis, you don’t have a good angle to counter rockets. Your best play is to somehow pick up OS/Invis in mid without dying, run away, and camp until you can strategically use it against the enemy player with rockets. - I would move OS/Invis to the top of the boxes that you can jump on between the 2 rooms. I would move grapple directly under the boxes in mid, the box you can run through to the other side. - There is not a single weapon that spawns in the back bases that is worth going after. - When you spawn in the base there are only 3 paths you can go making it easy for the 4 man team camping mid to trap you. Maybe add another door out to mid from the 1st floor next to the stairs that lead up to your base wall or another path opposite of rockets that leads from the base to behind the OS/invis. - The BR only serves 1 purpose on the map, cover fire across the map for your teammates. The gun in general is useless to use when you are by yourself as the rate of fire is too slow on the smaller maps allowing the enemy plenty of time to run away or take cover.Bazaar - CTF
    This map plays CTF pretty well as there is a reason for the enemy team to finally move out of mid.

  • The rocket is too strong and spawns too frequently. Feels like 90% of flag caps happen when rockets spawn by the team who controls rockets. There is really no way to counter the enemy team if they win rockets. - Same comment here about moving OS/Invis/Grapple as stated in slayer above.Live Fire - Slayer

  • This map has a major spawn killing problem. Spawns are highly predictable and when you spawn Tower side there is a high chance you are spawning in the open. The combination of relatively long respawn times and small map allows the enemy team to run around and get the jump on the other team as they spawn. - This might be because the game is still new to me, but I’m struggling to find good spots to snipe on Live Fire, especially with AR range being long enough to descope me sniping pretty much anywhere on the map. Right now power weapons seem to have no impact to the match and are best used as bait to kill the enemy team as they go for it. - The BR currently has no place on this map as it is always outclassed. There is no position on the map where you can have a distance advantage over the AR/Pistol/Commando. There are so many places to hide or corners to turn that the BR will never be a threat here as it is currently balanced. - The top level of the tower does not seem to have a strategic advantage and is very easy to grenade. The risk/reward for going up here is off. Probably needs either move cover or more visibility to the right.Live Fire - Plots/Control

  • I can’t put my finger on this exactly, but this game mode just plays weird. Constant flipping of nodes the entire match. I think capping a node is too fast or maybe it needs to first turn neutral and then again to your teams color? Curious on how everyone else feels on this. This is actually my only feedback as the map seems to handle this mode just fine.Recharge - Slayer
    I saved the best for last as I feel Recharge is the only good map currently in the beta. The map has depth (literally and figuratively). There are many ways to traverse, there are multiple levels and there are clear sightlines. This has all the makings of being a great map.

  • The only negative I see for slayer is there are 3 spots I could see a team of 4 camping at an the entire game with a lead that would be relatively easy to lockdown with no real power weapon on the map to threaten them.Recharge - Plots/Control

  • Major issue here as there is no reason to ever cap the B zone. Just hold A and C which are situated in easy to control rooms, split your team 2 and 2. It’s also too easy to move from A to C in order to backup your teammates as needed.

This is a fantastic post. Seriously this is spot on, great feedback. I had the same thoughts on each and every point you made.

halo on twitter did a pole. recharge is peoples least favourite map. My thinking is, live wire and bazaar are more casual maps. However all 3 maps in the poll were pretty even. bazaar won the pole though.

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> halo on twitter did a pole. recharge is peoples least favourite map. My thinking is, live wire and bazaar are more casual maps. However all 3 maps in the poll were pretty even. bazaar won the pole though.

I think most people are still in the honey moon phase, especially about maps. I assume most players in this flight are not playing in 4 man squads and players haven’t yet worked out the best strats on each map. I’m trying to look past this early phase and spot repeat issues I’m experiencing even now when the meta hasn’t been established yet. With that said, I do play halo at a high level so maybe this feedback only applies to the competitive viability of these maps.