Map Description Restrictions

I have discovered if you use the word “fourth” in the description along with more details and try to save it you get a “SAVE ERROR”- We could not save your file at this time. Please try again.
If you just have the word “fourth” and nothing else it comes up with “INVALID ENTRY”- This entry contains a reserved entry or violates the Xbox Live Code of Conduct.

Seriously… fourth… fourth is reserved or against the code of conduct… fourth? So if I were to give a map of mine a back story like. “This installation is the ‘fourth’ generation of what superior technology can do, just don’t break it okay…” or “There’s a rocket launcher on the ‘fourth’ level, get it before anyone else can.”
Because of this restriction examples like these aren’t possible you would need to change it too something like ‘4th, forth, No. 4, level 4’ which wouldn’t exactly work if your referencing a quote from something, which is what I was doing…

As far as I know this is up to 343 to fix as there is no method in the game to use the word “fourth” in a description of a map.