[Map] CloneBall - Mini Game

Sup guys. This is my first post on here so I really am not sure if I can post maps. So I’d like to show you guys a unique game called CloneBall. So anyways it is a 4v4+ minigame that the players attempt to score points by sending their holograms across a middle divider into their opponents’ goals. You play defense by destroying your enemies’ holograms before they reach your goals. Here is a YouTube video that shows how the game works.
Here is a Forge Hub Thread with much more information
Link to CloneBall Fileset

That is one of the most amazing/original things I have ever seen in Halo Reach.

it looks like one of those games that only work with 4v4 or 8v8 people.

But ill try it

Well it works know matter how many you have, just make sure the teams are even

yeah but no one would win a 1v1 version of it would they

> yeah but no one would win a 1v1 version of it would they

Not likely but most mini games for Custom Games are meant for more than 2 people so I don’t see that as a bad thing or out of the ordinary.

I would also like to add that this looks pretty original and fun. Also beautiful work with the level design, looks awesome.

Not sure how you got the scoring to work but looks very fun and original. Ill make sure to download it and try it out.

The hologram blows up a mine in the goal, which then launches a golf ball into the destination, which scores a point. It took ALOT of tweaking to get working every time. Thanks for the comments everyone.

I watched the youtube video before reading this thread… it took me a second to figure out what the hell was going on haha. Then I realised, “oh snap!” xD

This idea is so cool. I’ve queued for download! :smiley:

I played this with cluck a couple days ago and it was pretty cool and had a sort of Mario Party feel. Very original.

Maybe there could be a variation of this where people try to shoot the mines with rockets and deflect enemy rockets with grav hammers?

Also, cluck, stop teamshooting me every damn game we play together.

The CloneBall game variant is extremely original. I played it with a large party and everybody loved it. I hope new arenas are created with improved aesthetics.

Hell yea! we need this in Action Sack, this is one of the most promising gametypes for that playlist, it looks like it would fit very well in the environment (better than Shotty Snipers and Power Slayer).

I am a HUGE Action Sack playlister, basically that is my dedicated playlist, i play it more than any other playlist other than DLC and TS, but thats it.

This would make a huge impact on the Casual Gamers to come to Action Sack as it’s design around an armor ability and random explosions and limited killing (if there is any at all).

@Nicholas, lol. Thanks for the DL.
@Pib, Well if you want to make that game then go right ahead and use the scoring mechanic. I try to keep it as simple as possible, and I am thinking this may be too complicated for me.
Sorry for team killing you lol. I don’t like playing competitive customs so I try to make it fun by messing around.
@Saytun, Thanks. That would be cool if the community could make better courts for CloneBall and I hope they do. I will say that I am co-forging a new Multi-Team map for up to 16. It is gonna be awesome.
@Latsu, I love playing action sack too. That would be great if CloneBall somehow made it into action sack. And btw there is zero killing.