[MAP] BTB WarBox

Hello every body ! I’m french, and I speak english just a little, so forgive my weak vocabulary :s (thanks to google traduction sorry --"), but my friends of Halo Creation (french Forum of Halo) recommended me to present this map : it’s a BTB competitive map, forge by me (LGS SuiCiDaiR3 was my last GT).

Now you can view the screenshots of my Map :

Overview :

outside from the base :

inside from the base :

starting TP :

outpost :

Middle map (three floors and the arrival tp) :

underpass ;

Weapons :
2 humans snipers (120 seconds)
1 rockets launcher (180 seconds)
2 shotguns
some DMR

again sorry for my sad level of language


And enjoy !](http://www.bungie.net/Stats/Reach/FileDetails.aspx?fid=26196236&player=NRGY%20STaRFiRe)

I really like it, very symmetrical, and it looks like it took some ideas from Timberland, in my opinion. Great map!

Nice stuff StarFire, this map might seem a bit dense, but pretty well balanced from what I see.

Keep going!

This map is already on ForgeHub / HaloCreation / iLoveBTB.com

Thank you for these positive comments =)