Map boundaries

Any one else find the Map boundaries when you jump annoying. I get the idea but still why in the older games they put a ceiling on how high you could jump and in updates an changes to current maps you have no limit and get a message “return to map” when you go out of bounds. Whats the point in having a limitless jump height when get told have 9 secs to return to map. I personally say either let us have the limitless jump height or put a ceiling on the maps for how high we can jump.

Whats your opinion???

To keep players within the game, hopefully.

Halo: Reach often kills off players that escape the map, this restricts the gameplay to the actual map so that you don’t get HLG’ers as much as you did in Halo 3 where even on Snowbound it was possible to walk for about an hour in one direction once breaking outside of the map, and then walk for an hour in the opposite direction to end up directly beneath the map.

Why not just put an invisible wall like there was in CE? You can’t go past it or above it, it’s like a box you can’t escape. Map bounderies in campaign are particularily frustrating to me. I want to explore but I have to stay within the confines of where the story is. As for matchmaking, here’s an idea: you have no kill bounderies but instead are limited by an invisible wall and just beyond this wall you have an instant kill boundry so if you somehow break the map you can’t get past it. In other games I remember - non halo ones - if you tried to leave the play area you died no matter where you tried to go.