Mantle of Responsibility's authority over others

So I get the holders of the mantle of responsibility have to ensure peace within the universe and ensure the protection and cultivation of other species. But does this mean that the holders of the mantle have full authority over all species? In other words do the holders of the mantle have full control of everything in the universe? I would really appreciate some sort of clarity because I’m really confused

Now don’t hold me on this but I believe the holders of the mantle are looking at themselves as “above the law” in a sense. Seeing that they feel they have the power to save the universe from it’s greatest threats to sentient life.

A glorified “might makes right” with a dash of moral responsibility thrown in.

That pretty much sums up the philosophy. Sorta like a galaxic police. Pretty dangerous philosophy if you ask me. Seems to echo fascism in certain aspects.

But its just a philosophy. Only the Forerunners and Created put much stock in it. Humanity will probably not accept the mantle as is, just continue to be the way they are.