Mantis tips?

Simply, does anybody who is good with the Mantis have any tips for those of us that aren’t?

I’ve seen people dominate entire matches with their mantis, yet when I get in one, I seem to get destroyed within a minute and, if I’m really lucky, will have gained a kill or two in the process.

Some people seem to be able to fire so accurately with it’s rockets and chain gun, but when I use them, they rarely hit a target and overheat really quickly.

So yeah. Any tips?

Stay back and play defensively. The mantis is alot weaker than it looks defense-wise. Try to engage enemies at mid range if you can so your gun can actually hit them. As for vehicles, spam rockets off cooldown while shooting them with your main gun.

Continuously press B for psychological damage to your opponent after killing them.

> Stay back and play defensively. The mantis is alot weaker than it looks defense-wise. Try to engage enemies at mid range if you can so your gun can actually hit them. As for vehicles, spam rockets off cooldown while shooting them with your main gun.

What about the enemy Mantis? I swear some people seem to be able to spam the main gun without any overheating somehow.

> > Stay back and play defensively. The mantis is alot weaker than it looks defense-wise. Try to engage enemies at mid range if you can so your gun can actually hit them. As for vehicles, spam rockets off cooldown while shooting them with your main gun.
> What about the enemy Mantis? I swear some people seem to be able to spam the main gun without any overheating somehow.

You’re not suppose to let your gun overheat. You simply fire it in small amounts or you fire it to the point where it’s about to overheat, then you wait a bit to fire it some more. If you let it overheat, it takes longer to cooldown than usual.

The Mantis is not just a one man army.

When a player is dominating with it, there are a combination of factors:

#1 : Their mic is plugged in! So are their teammates/ground cover!

The Rest:
Ground support: Very important to have a buddy or two ‘guarding your back’, or you will quickly be frozen/boarded in some maps.
Loadout: Wheelman is a must if enemy team is decent. Gunner in addition will help with the overheating issue. But if you pulse the gun, you may wish to use Survivor (if you have good ground support, you can usually live).
Location: Some areas are more advantageous to the Mantis than others. The top of Ragnarok is a prime choke point where the Mantis can inflict maximum damage. However, sometimes the best points to do damage are the worst for longevity if you don’t have ground support. One big consideration with the Mantis is it’s best defense is it’s offense. The closer they get, the easier to plasma you. Can be hard to find spots with good cover, but when you find them use them like a paintball bunker (let your shields recharge, don’t take damage, let the shields absorb fire). The higher ground you take the less likely a jet packer can fire on you (given you have cover).
Power Weapons: If your team allows the other to get all the Spartan Lasers, Binary Rifles, Incineration, RG, ect… You will rarely have a functioning Mantis (or vehicle for that matter).
Other Vehicles/Turrets: While the Mantis is a tank, a turret will quickly bring it to it’s knees. The gauss will destroy with prejudice. And that banshee is a terror in competent hands.


  1. Play some custom games, get your aim down.
  2. Fire where the rocket where the object will be, not where it was. (usually means you have to let you MG cool a bit as you adjust aim) Unless they are on a line at you, the rockets will not hit the same spot as the MG.
  3. Keep moving, usually curving/circling backwards, when under ground assault. While some people have luck with the stomp, it leaves you open to the guy behind the one you stomped. I only stomp if both weapons are exhausted.
  4. When you have a moment of peace, fire off remaining rockets, so you’ll be ready with 5 next assault.
  5. MG is reportedly more accurate in bursts. Seems to be. Utilize bursts when possible and to re-aim/turn quicker. The less you hold it down, the less it overheats.
  6. Learn to LEAD THE TARGET. Usually means you have to let off the MG to get a speeding Warthog. But learn it and you’ll pop banshees with your rockets as the come in and strafe them with your MG…Winning the duel.
  7. It is in the team’s interest to support that Mantis as the chaingun alone racks up the assists. Watch out for human snipers, camo readings on the radar, big green dots in the distance. And most important LISTEN for that plasma pistol. By the time they are close enough to use it, you can hear it.
  8. Protect your junk. Get kicked in the nuts, and your down.

Good luck. And against competent teams it won’t matter, they’ll destroy you as a matter of game strategy.

Couldn’t find the edit post function, but it bears repeating.

The best Defense for the Mantis, is it’s offense. A lot of firepower to concentrate on your most immediate threats and work your way outward.

And in response to overheating. Mine overheats all the time (even with gunner on), just plan for it, have those rockets freshly re-loaded (so you don’t have to stomp and go immobile [the Mantis is pretty darn fast]).
If you’re not occasionally overheating, you’re leaving kills to your teammates. Or leaving vehicles not blown up.

Just to echo some of the comments here:

Clear your rockets - as soon as you settle down, fire off that last shot(s) into a likely area, or just into a rock somewhere in the distance, so you have a full rack of 5.

Play Defensively - If you are crossing the mid-point, you are probably going down…

Stomp - last resort. If there is room, you are better off backing up and waiting for rockets or gun to come available again.

Ground support - A ghost is a great Destroyer to your Battleship. Make sure someone is going for the Splaser / Rockets when they spawn

If you get boarded, holler, but stay STILL.

Other Mantis - try to stay out of head-to-head if you can. Potshots while his back is turned, or he is stunned. If he’s really knocking your team out, then you’ll have to decide if you want to trade…

I have gotten 9 Perfections (and almost a 10th dang it - laasssttt second 1v1) - all with Mantis or Scorpion, and the games all followed the steps people have laid out here.

I agree with all opinions offered so far however, there are at least 2 major factors that have not been directly or specifically addressed yet - namely

#1 Situational Awareness (SA)as applied specifically to terrain - SA can never be stressed enough in Halo, however when in any vehicle the terrain in the immediate area in which you are operating and engaging the enemy MUST be in your mind at all times.

The Mantis’ is basically a bigger slower version of a player with a SAW and a fuel rod cannon (FRC), but also where the player can neither sprint nor jump… so tactics like shoot and scoot, or bunny hopping are obviously not gonna work. Using ambush and suppressing/cornering tactics alone will likely amount to your k/d ratio going up substantially.

That said, many mediocre players start out well (ie.ambushing and suppressing in a Mantis) however I would estimate that at least 50% of all mediocre players operating a Mantis will automatically revert back to the same open-field tactics as they would employ while playing on foot when they come under fire in a Mantis (ie. panic and run)… For example: Wandering around on top of the hill, or out on the open sides of Ragnarok while trying to cross-map a player (as if you were using a DMR and 'nades) is just plain dumb in a Mantis - when you end up engaged by return fire from your enemy(and you will be!) you have nowhere to go… So choosing to engage the enemy in that terrain in just stupid, but what makes it even worse is when the player still tries to “run away” in a Mantis… If you doubt me, just think of how many times you see a burned out Mantis in open ground as opposed to spots with better cover or shorter/narrower firing lines!

#2Predictability - Make no mistake - the minute you enter that Mantis it is YOU who is being hunted… (usually by at least half the opposing team)so that being said, you must be ready and able to change your tactics frequently and quickly - predictability while operating a mantis = death. When you combine the Terrain SA of knowing when and how to engage and disengage the enemy, with the general theme of being as unpredictable to the enemy as possible - no matter what map, or how good your opposition is - you have effectively maximized your chance of success in a Mantis.

I usually get a fair amount of kills with the mantis, and this is my best advice: Don’t get greedy, and don’t play aggressively.

As a mantis pilot, you basically have the advantage against any individual opponent, so let them come to you. You’re not out to win the game single-handedly, the vehicle is all about area denial and defending the home turf. You’re going to be a support and defense player. Think of yourself more as a mobile defense turret. Stay on the friendly side of the map and keep to areas where your team mates will spawn behind you; this means you don’t have to worry nearly as much about attacks from behind.

Use the terrain to your advantage and keep some line of sight blockers between you and long-range threats; mantis is highly vulnerable to long-range weapons like snipers and splasers, and can’t effectively counter anything outside of BR red reticule range. The mantis is terribly ineffective at longer ranges due to bullet spread and slow-moving rockets. If you’re positioned right, your enemies will be forced to fight you on your terms, in closer ranges. Keep an eye out for people peeking over hills to potshot you; you won’t be good at countering this, your best response is to pepper them with chaingun bursts to scare them while you fall back to more cover.

Cover is extremely important. If you can duck behind cover when your shields run down, you can wait for them to recharge, preventing physical damage to the vehicle. Play smart and use this to your advantage, you’re in the only vehicle with shields, with this tactic you can shrug off critical damage near indefinitely.

Keep your chaingun cool and your rocket count full. Chaingun works great to pepper enemies at mid-range while rockets should be reserved as a followup punch and for closer encounters. Your weapons don’t amount to much at longer ranges so avoid these scenarios. If you do have to engage at longer ranges, fire a rocket to the left and right of the enemy so he strafes into the fire, and tap your chaingun once every two or so seconds; it’s only range accurate for the first couple bullets out of a cold barrel.

Don’t rely on your stomp, as the enemy will be expecting that. If they get close to you on foot, take them out with rockets, keep maneuvering and facing them with your front side.

It’s not about being the highest scoring player, it’s about staying alive as long as you can, so you can keep threatening the enemy and prevent them from flanking your team.


First of all, equip the Survivor in your loadouts so when someone blows it up, you’ll simply eject. It’s better that the enemy comes to you, and that you keep a nice range between the enemy and yourself. They’ll die before they get too close. Stomp when they get too close to you. The radius is actually pretty nice, and I’ve gotten an Extermination doing that. Plasma Pistols are the biggest threat to you. Pressing B continuously allows you to -Yoink!- in the Mantis, which is rather funny lol.

Otherwise, it takes practice. Knowing what works and what doesn’t.