Mantis needs to be less like the Scorpion

I think the Mantis has a lot of cool aspects to it, and things like the multi-target lock on the rockets is pretty awesome, but I feel like it’s still less than it could be because it can’t decide if it wants to be a fast glass cannon or a slow tank. It’s kind of like the jack of all trades master of none at the moment, and that makes for a really weird rhythm you have to get used to when you play with it.

I think my ideal revision for the Mantis or its replacement in future games would be a mech that is a bit smaller, moves faster, can jump, does more damage, and has less non-shield health but a weak shield that recharges much faster. It should feel a bit like an upgraded spartan, and less like a walking tank.

This would make it a much more active vehicle and reduce the time you need to spend inching your way around corners on heroic, because of how quickly you can lose your shield.

All in all, I like the improvements they made to how the mantis feels, but I also think that it’s perhaps occupying a vehicle type niche that isn’t as fun in Halo as it is in games where enemies have less health. I’d gladly trade the chain-gun for a more agile melee attack.