Mantis? More Like Assistis

The mantis is just absolute garbage.


Weak Armor
Too Much Bloom On Regular Gun
Too Quick of a Overheat Time
Rockets are just useless even against vehicles since most heavy vehicles can take you down in a couple of shots.

The only mantis that is actually alright is the ONI mantis and those rarely drop.

Great argument made there. 10/10 -IGN You’ve swayed me.
Elaborate man, I know it’s more vulnerable but so are all the other vehicles.

EDIT: Thank you.

Oh yeah by far the worst vehicle in the game, made out of paper and gets boarded within ten seconds.
They nerfed the mantis to hell in this game

The rockets should not be fired all at once and the machine gun needs a serious buff.

The sheild should at least be a little stronger, the only time I’ve used one I stepped out of the vehicle bay and got one shot by a tank. Lol

I got a guasshog and 3 shoted a mantis on noctus

MANTIS isn’t what it should be. I agree. too easily killed for being a walking tank

the stomp is about worthless too…

I think just about everything in the game is pretty well balanced – but i would have to agree that the Mantis is in need of a buff.

One of the reasons it was good in Halo 4 was you could use the rockets in a much more precise and unpredictable matter. If i remember correctly, you also could not board it from the front.

I would be happy with the base version being the Halo 4 version, and the rest being buffed armor (because lets be honest, the base version of all the vehicles have paper armor).