Mantis: Keep it, Trash it, Fix it

This thread is regarding the mantis in future Halo titles.

If it requires the removal of the Falcon/Hornet, or anything else, ANYTHING, trash it. I don’t think it added all that much to the game.

That said, it doesn’t horridly unbalance it, so as long as it’s here it might as well stay. But for heaven’s sake, give it a gun that doesn’t overheat every 5 seconds.

im calling the mantis metal gear rex

It adds nothing to the sandbox. I’d rather see a hornet or falcon or sparrowhawk with room for flag carriers.

Fix it, Fix it, FIX IT!

It needs a redesign badly. I say fix it or toss it out. It hurts my inner Chrome Hound Pilot.

Its fine the way it is now. Would have preferred a Falcon or Hornet though.

Trash it!! It totally ruins the classic feel for Ragnarok. It also says, “Hey look at me I cant shoot worth crap with a regular gun so I am usimg a vehicle! Im so hardcore.”

Make it look more like an AT-ST

In terms of how it plays, it’s fine. It’s pretty well balanced and you actually need a semblance of smarts to make the most out of it.

In terms of what it adds to the game, it doesn’t really add anything as it’s more of a Jack of all trades vehicle. All purpose. The only thing that makes it stand out, is that it’s a mech.

Toughen it up an make it faster,as it is its just a splaser magnet.

I say keep it. But add a jet pack and replace weapons with dual wielding railguns.

Keep it its the only viechle in which you don’t die right away

One cool thing to add in Halo 5 is like what they did with the warthogs.

Have a Mantis with 2 machine guns, and then a mantis with both a railgun and a machine gun, kind of like the warthog, which also has 3 variants.

Keep it.