Manipulation over your win loss percentage

I thought I’d revive a divisive topic, and that is the control, the manipulation over your win loss percentage. This is something that I have felt for a long time, as have many others, it started in Halo 5, and seems to be much more powerful in Infinite.

It’s one of those things that is impossible to prove, but is equally impossible to discount. Like clock-work I know that if I have 2-3 real good matches, I will then start to have strange, bad matches, and as I said, like clock-work, I can foretell it every time.

I think the method they use to control our win loss percentage is just one more thing that adds to the pile of why this game does not function correctly, there are so many problems this game has that just don’t make sense.

The sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t hit detection is one of those things that does not make sense, unless you factor-in their need to control the win loss percentage. It bugs me, because I am 80% sure it’s happening.


“Like clock-work” is such a great way of putting this because for me I feel the same. I will have a handful of super competing matches, win a blow out and the. Get stomped out for like five games straight.


The problem is that instead of manipulating anything the issue might just as well be explained by the SBMM evaluating you to be stronger after a few wins and match you against stronger teams. Given that would lead to the same result but without it being considered foul play (like if they adjusted things for you to miss) I kinda think it’s that rather than changes to the gameplay itself.


Sometimes I think the bullet magnetism gets stronger and weaker depending on the game. It is quite bizarre. Then other times the aim assist will totally vanish and being on controller it’s so noticeable when it happens.

I put the above down to flaws in the game or even different ranges for the BR.

However, I don’t think 343 is being manipulative in anyway but I do think the system is being manipulative.

Huge bias in its coding.


No manipulation.

The match maker is simply taking your current MMR and matching you into an even game.

The 50:50 takes care of itself.

Sure, if you are playing well your MMR will go up and you will be matched against slightly tougher opposition. If you fail to grasp your chance to rank up you will lose a few games and rank back down.

That’s frustrating - but kind of what you want the system to do. It has to have some way of responding to form.

But there is no hidden algorithm that forces a result.

And in the end people just end up applying a cognitive bias to the results. It’s amazing how many people lament a loss where they feel they were let down by lesser team-mates - but fail to acknowledge any win where they didn’t do well, or any loss where they were actually the anchors that dragged their team down.

Swings and roundabouts.

And remember - even though it’s 50:50 there will be runs of results. The chance of three results in a row (either way) is only 1:4. So runs are going to happen. Frequently.


I don’t put much emphasis to W/L, dunno why anyone who isn’t a pro player playing for a prize money should, a good game is a good game regardless, and vice versa. Hell, the best games I had in Infinite were all lost, but 199-200 kind of lost, point for point, kill for kill. And other times you win let’s say Slayer by 50 to 32, but man that game sucked big times because the lag/desync was almost unbearable and you’re happy it’s finally over.


the method is fine. The real issue is down to the gameplay balance and low population that easily breaks the method


The only time it bothers me is when I have a “Get X wins” challenge but even then it’s not a huge deal.


It’s really not that bad, but there have been times where I’ve lost seven games in a row. My teammates are just useless.

It shouldnt be 50:50 or any percentage. Level playing field for all.

Play crappy and you lose
Play well and you win.

Both teams play well? It’ll come down to who can make the clutch play to save the match. Not “oh suddenly my bullets dont seem to be registering” or something like that. That’s wrong.


And the natural result of a level playing field.

In terms of both players and teams.

Is… surprise, surprise… a 50% win rate!

It so wrong.

Thank our lucky stars that something as silly as that doesn’t happen.


I think the assumption of rigged games, outside the sbmm, comes from the inconsistency the game delivers. averagecody just mentioned it in one of his videos:

And I’mpretty sure most of the people here experienced this. I’m not very surprised people come to the conclusion something fishy is happening when the game suddenly feels like youAA is turned off.


There is no doubt weirdness happens. And in some games more than others.

It’s annoying as -yoink-.

But it’s not deliberate. And any perception of such is observational bias. You just don’t notice or care as much with the wins.


Oh I do notice games were I’m almost in god mode.

TBF, we have no definite proof it isn’t. Didn’t GoW tinker with some mechanics were new players deal more damage in their first games to get them hooked?

To be clear: I don’t say it si rigged, I just understand where the thoughts are coming from.

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Dunno, recently videos are surfacing about MW2, how it literally modifiers your guns parameters, even doubling-tripling the TTK to give other weaker players “fair” chances, Activision supposedly patented that system even, and I just cannot stop thinking ever since that’s something that’s also going on here in Infinite on purpose.

It just cannot be a coincidence that every single time a game starts and everything is perfectly fine, but halfway into the match as soon as it turns out the opposing team earned just half the points your team did, all of a sudden you just can’t kill anyone, whereas little Jimmy with 0-12 K/D suddenly becomes the best player of the match, because for some strange reason he learned how to deflect bullets and unless it 3vs1 there’s just no way to take him down… And it’s always the exact same scenario, that’s why people started to notice, like someone flipped a switch and now the stomping team does vastly reduced damage or none at all.

We already know we have a rigged SBMM, so it’s really hard to not to believe that 343 went even further and watered down the game even more to protect all those casuals who “just want to chill”, the whole scheme is just way to repetitive to be a coincidence. And it goes both ways of course, sometimes you get hopeless games and you just give up waiting for the gane to get over, and suddenly the enemies start to drop way easier than they used to. All for some false saje of equality and evening the odds at all cost between the players, simply disgusting.

I like to imagine a world where proof consisted of relying on anecdotal experience, cherry picking and confirmation bias to select the one possibility perfectly aligning with a preconceived notion…

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It does for sure. But is it desync or something similar thats causing it?

I notice as well. I notice everytime it happens. There’s a lack of consistency. It just doesnt matter as much when you win.

And as i said before, i’m not expecting to win every game. I just want a level playing field.

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And that’s just the point.

It happens to you during wins and losses.

It happens to your opponents during wins and losses.

But you mainly notice it if it happens during a loss.

I agree that it happens way too much - and they need to fix it.

You got it.

It’s just an up and down playfield for everyone.

Which is still not exactly what we want.

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When sitting out in the cold your experience will feel like a much longer time has passed compared to sitting in front of the fire place where time fizzles away faster than the flame.

However… you can not say 100% that manipulation has not occurred. Sometimes you just have to have a little faith that the rules are being adhered.

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You truly are always stating such straight forward facts. I can’t agree with you more on this repost/reply more than I can imagine.

Online experience always alters especially depending on server location. Every decision you make impacts your success of winning a game. Deciding not to play the power up and you lose it three times in a single game and lose, that’s on you.