Mangler, the Weapon of Gods

Best weapon hands down is the Mangler. I do not think there is any situation you cannot get out of if you learned how to use it. Its literally godly, I hope they do not nerf it.


Easily my favorite weapon to use, it’s both a meme comedy gun and a fully functional murder machine

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IIRC it also has increased melee damage and wins most melee situations that would’ve been a trade with the AR. I hate to spawn with it, love to kill with it.


It is hilarious how stupid you can be when you have it. It’s such a great weapon.

The pros have been eating it up too and making huge plays with it.

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10 days later, one small update and we’ve managed to avoid being nerfed. All Hail Manglers.

I really really love the Mangler, but in all honesty it probably deserves a nerf. It’s too strong at range and it even beats hammers in CQC, which means it’s just too good in any range.

I can understand the argument that you have to lead shots a lot at range so it’s balanced, but I dunno :confused:

I love the thing but I feel guilty that all I need to do to get a kill is one body shot and a melee to kill with it. lol idk about the state of needing a nerf or not but its definitely a lot more powerful than other weapons currently.

SOMETHING has to be able to compete with the hammer and sword at close range, they took out the shotgun

Yea, I guess that’s true. But does that mean the Mangler should be able to go toe to toe with the BR and Commando too? It’s just too good at every range :confused:

Why shouldn’t it? Its got range and ammo limitations so it’s not op. It’s just a really really good weapon. There should be more really really good weapons