Mangler: Power Weapon or

  • It is a Power Weapon
  • Not a Power Weapon

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I made a video some time back about the way power weapons are handled in the Halo series, and what they actually mean from game to game.

The definition, like combat, evolved over time. I’ve come to find that in Halo Infinite things are really wild, and many of the “power weapons” would never be considered such in prior Halos. (In fact some power weapons from prior Halos got nerfed to oblivion in Reach)

Where does the Mangler fit in? In some ways it just feels like a very balanced handgun or sidearm. Far less spammable than the Sidekick, but with far greater shot-for-shot damage and a melee bonus. I personally do a lot of work with it, because even if you don’t use it for 3 shot kills consistently, or get one shot melees, it is a phenomenal teamshot weapon that will, with one bullet, change any gunfight you can imagine. Each shot reduces a player’s shields by roughly half, and it even has a headshot bonus, which makes it a very powerful weapon for setups or cleanups. The weapon is all upsides with no downsides besides an eventual range dropoff where it becomes progressively less useful.

But in 4v4, in my experience, its a real monster when used optimally. I would firmly consider it a power weapon and defend it as such. I would pick it up over almost the entire sandbox at this point. Is it S tier? Not really, but It’s fully an A tier weapon in Infinite.

What do you think?

Wouldn’t really call it a power weapon as it doesn’t match up with the big guns like rockets and snipers. It’s more of a utility which is more variable than the Mauler we got in Halo 3. You can CQC by hitting once and beating the opponent down or you can use it at more distance as a more skillfull pistol and outgun the more spammy weapons. Also helping out your team as you stated. Taking down half a shield with 1 hit helps tremendously.

Technically this but also it’s a monster so