Mangler Melee Nerf vs Melee Nerf + Battle Rifle Buff

This is probably the single dumbest way they could’ve handled the Mangler. Of all the options to make the Mangler less oppressive, they chose objectively the worst one, and ended up doing the thing they should’ve done in the first place, but for a different weapon. How? Why? Who? What??? In an effort to avoid manipulating a single weapon’s efficacy in a single mode, they ended up manipulating a single weapon’s efficacy in a single mode anyway.

Manager - “We need to nerf Mangler Melee Damage, eSports needs their bottle and got cranky”

Developer - “Let’s just nerf melee damage? Way less effort than just nerfing a single weapon in a single mode”

Manager - “Sure! Wait…now Battle Rifles behave differently and eSports still didn’t get their bottle and they’re still upset”

Developer - “Okay, I’ll buff Battle Rifle’s melee”

Manager - “Only for Ranked though”

Developer - “Are you sure? Want me to just nerf only the Mangler only in Ranked instead? Since at this point I’m altering just a single weapon in a single mode anyway?”

Manager - “No that’s too much effort”

Every Developer, Player, or Tester ever - sigh

It makes me pull my hair out trying to find their perspective and reasoning as to why they implemented in this way. I’d love for a dev to reply here giving the logical reason for this, even if it’s nerd-talk code programming reasoning I need to understand because the only conclusion I can draw(with earnest and no animosity when I say this) is that this was the most heuristically damaging way to implement a simple damage nerf for a single item. I really need to know the why behind this if I’m to ever stand in defense of this studio going forward.