Man, If this is who TrueSkill teams me with and against

, i wonder how bad it would be without it.

I hate bad games like this, this is why i wish we had something like CE and H2 PC have, a custom game browser so i dont have to feel like i should have won, and have the ability to quit out whenever i want.


You were saying…? ](

Quick search times vs evenly matched games? Most of the community would pick quick search times, and majority wins. With that knowledge, it is your responsibility to go in with a team, and if you decide to go in by yourself and get bad team mates, you only have yourself to blame. Also don’t forget there is the custom search setting to match you with players of similar skill. Although you would have also had tougher enemies, probably resulting in a similar outcome to the game. Learning to bait your team mates and using their stupidity to your advantage, is definitely something worth doing if you often play by yourself. Also sticking with them, to help them out of the bad situations is beneficial when playing by yourself. Just a few tips to assist you with your Halo Reach experience <3.

oh also:

Sucks, doesn’t it?

Set your matchmaking preferences to find people near your skill level.

Happens to all of us at one point or another.