Malice - 8P FFA - Playtesting Appreciated -

Malice - Short to Mid Range map, varying heights and asymmetrical. The map boasts wide corridors encouraging more distant gameplay, without making short range weapons useless. Map has several dance floors, (Open play areas.) which will encourage grouped combat, but again will not interfere with your average amount of one on one encounters. Multiple paths and access routes among most of the map will encourage fluid map flow, decreasing clustering and increasing more unique encounters across the play space. The map has a non distracting style, but retains a smooth attractive aesthetic value. A trait zone and multiple safe and kill zones are set to minimize escapes from the map. All routes are readily accessible by foot or air.

Weapons - 3 Initial Drops all set to 180 Respawn rate at default clip size.

  • Sniper- Sticky Detonator- Shotgun

One Random Ordnance - Binary Rifle, Scattershot, Grenades all types. x3 x2.

Link to map - Malice

I like the design, although I think it may be a little too DMR friendly. I’ll see what I can do about playtesting it a bit later.

I noticed you had its tag setup for the FFA contest as well. Good luck with that.

Thanks for the reply, but no worries, the distances on bottom road are much shorter when you’re playing they do seem like the DMR may hold supremacy over max distances(Near Corner to Corner), but the BR Reticle is still red, which in my experience evens it out, In most cases granting the BR a win, depending on skill level of the player. For Ar and auto wep. players, they generally know to avoid long sightlines, that’s why bottom alley, top alley, and foundry room will be mostly where they spray, granted they’re not using firepower.

add me. gt: l1ghtg1v3r