Male Voice Actors

we are currently looking for some mature guys to help voice act in a new machinima that will be released this month. The machinima is directed by some really popular machinima directors such as Ninja of byu, Constatine254, Alfonzy1013, and Gryffinguy007. WE ARE LOOKING FOR GUYS WHO ARE MATURE AND NONSQUEAKER. If you are interested and would like to apply for the job message me so we can have you try out a few lines. Thanks

Try me out

Hey id like to try as well i sent you a message

im haveing trouble sending messages… so message me cause id like to do some voice acting

Hey Guys thank you for replying to my request. This Friday and Saturday i will be on and if you would like to try out please message me while i am online. We will just have you try out a few lines and then you can go. It really shouldn’t take a long time, also hopefully we will also be filming the trailer for the Holocron this saturday.