Making Videos of Your Maps

Ohai there. If you don’t recognise me (doubt you will, winky) I make cinematic trailers of forge maps, a very high proportion of which makes it onto the homepage of this site.

I normally take requests on, but people have been holding up on submitting new maps (at the moment I only have two videos on the go, look forward to them, they are my best work yet.) so i’d like to open it up to you guys.

Simply enough, submit your map, recommended gametypes, and as I normally get a very high calibre of map, sell your map to me, and i’ll try and convey that message in your video. Fun, atmospheric, quirky? Your pick.

If you want some examples of my work, here’s some examples :smiley:

Linky 1 (4th feature on 343i)
More video (forgive the render errors, youtube was dodgy at the time of upload)

So, submit your maps, PM me, I don’t mind!


P.S. I have a somewhat long turnover time for videos, normally a couple of weeks. But that isn’t two weeks of messing about, it’s two weeks of solid work)