Making sure my story fits in the universe

So I started a Halo RPG and thought it’d be cool if events in-game affected an overarching and decently-written story that fit into the Halo universe.
So I’m asking you to tell me if this looks like a well-written story that fits into the Halo universe.

In the year 2550 (2 years before the events of the first Halo conflict), an experimental and top-secret cruiser, the UNSC Fatanavis, crash-landed on a mysterious ring-shaped world. The Fatanavis, full of experimental SPARTAN III soldiers, was quickly scavenged for supplies, but all traveling and communications equipment were found destroyed.
Over the next 10 years, the SPARTANS came out of their shells a bit, and drew lines and created Factions based on how they believed they should survive.

Federation of Engineers (FoE)
A group of SPARTAN III’s specialized in mechanical engineering hope to someday fix the communications equipment and send for help.

Soldiers of Survival (SOS)
SPARTANS who’ve seemed to accept their surroundings and decided to create their own civilization.

Ancient Mercenaries (AM)
Some SPARTANS decided to give up their soldier loyalty in the name of loot. Believing some day they’d be rescued, they decide to grab as much Forerunner Tech (see below) as they can.

Every Faction is fighting for Forerunner Tech; FoE for it’s conductivity, allowing them to send signals, by their calculations, over 10,000 lightyears in all directions, the SoS for it’s hunting, cooking, and sensing properties that would allow them to scavenge and scan potential food more efficiently, and the AM for it’s obvious value.
Forerunner Tech is found rarely; one piece shows up on average 4 times a year. When they find one, every Faction pours tons of resources into the inevitable fight for it.

The year is 2562. All-out war has begun. Let the games begin.

<mark>message intercepted</mark>
<mark>De praeteritis oportet iterari non</mark>
<mark>;end of message</mark>

The story will involve many aspects of the Halo universe, and has multiple paths depending on which Faction wins games. Since this takes place before the first trilogy, Humans don’t yet know about the Halo’s, so as far as story that can be an aspect, as well as mentions of the flood. If you translated the secret message there at the end, you would find it to mean The past must not be repeated, which may have to do with the flood, or perhaps some new threat.
Plus, there’s always the danger that these unknowing Humans may set off the Halo rings without a -Yoink!- blue AI to steer them away.

Well, tell me what you think, and the site is below, just know it’s not even kind of done yet. The first game will be played 9.4.12

BrightRP- A Halo, Story-driven RPG