Making Random Spawns - HELP?

I was finishing up the last parts of a mini game map I forged, and we went to go play it.

Theres a part on the map and gametype where the map randomly selects 2 people from a group of 3-16 people, to spawn in a certain spot, since it’s FFA and since its also RANDOM SPAWNS.

But it seems everytime, the same two people always spawn in these same two spots. WHY.

This didnt happen when I made this mini game in Halo reach, OR in HALO 3. What the hell?

I’ve done everything from, setting those two spawns to Intial spawns, to even making ALL the spawns RANDOM spawns… with respawn Zones weighted on the 2 ‘specific spot’ spawns.

Nothing works in this game. Help?

Try setting the spawn sequence to specific spawns.