Making our halo storie

Hi i wrote this subject on the general discutions but one person told me that this was the rigth forum to post it in, but since i don’t know how to move threads to other topics(if tg´hats even possible) im just gonna copy and paste it. Im sure that this have been done before but i cudlnt find any so…

Ps: im kinda new and trying to be part of it if you understand :slight_smile:

Ok… so I was thinking that we as the community could make a halo storie.

What we need is Location, Time, Characters and theire relation to eachother if there is more than one, Enemy**(covenant or maybe some terrorist e.t.c.)** last but not lesst what should it be aout(objectiv).

after this is done we can start writing :smiley:

sorry for my english…im a swede :slight_smile:

Ok i will start:
The planet they are on is “Oroxogon” and it have a little bit less gravity than earth so the average man is slightly taller too. It have alot of wild life but since man have been on the planet it have drastically drecreassed. On the look of the planet its looks purple and green. the purple is just some water mixed with a newly found material. This material is poisonus to human but the wildlife have adapted to it. Humaity learnd quickly how to filter the water from this new material called “Oroxitum”(there by the name of the planet).we havent found any use of this yet. the vagetation of the planet was low and dents. the main city of the planet is “New Embloden” and its habited by 17 million people. there are alot of more citys and many of farms and small villeges. the ground is arable so many framers works here.

I will end here so take it away guys… lets se what we can do :smiley:
PS: To all norwegains… my heart are with you… :frowning: