Making Infinite into Classic Halo, Were it so easy

I’ve been reading many criticisms about the halo infinite demo and while there are many valid criticisms there are also some (be It few) that are not valid. and I would like to touch upon these.

I do hope for all of our sake. 343i is listening because if they aren’t. this game is going to fail as its predecessor did. we will not speak of that game, even 343 want to forget about it.

There are some things in the trailer I found to be promising…
to give you an idea of what I find to be aesthetically pleasing in this franchise. h2a will always be my favorite halo game to be sure.

my expectations aren’t very high given 343s track record. they’re no different than that light bulb himself at this point. little -Yoink-. I do just hope when they fire the ring they finish building it first if you know what I mean.

so far aside from the occasional loading or texture glitch the game looks fine. the looks aren’t anything they cant fix. it’s the gameplay itself that’s a problem.

as much as I hate these new weapons they went to show up our you know what’s and as much as I think 343 made a severe tactical error by only showing off ONE SINGULAR CLASSIC WEAPON In the demo, which is about as bad as the covenant making a heretic out of their strongest ship commander. sure didn’t backfire at all did it?

despite that blunder there are others theyve shown off such as the BR and the Needler. the rest of the classic weapons better be in the game I dont want to see a garbage generic rocket launcher. I want that classic rocket launcher. 343 dont seem to understand that they can make their own take on a classic weapon while still showing off their style. but butchering the design is not the way to do it.

as an avid fan of halo 2 you can understand the frustration for me at the lack of dual wielding. this feature needs to make a return -Yoink!- it. the trailer didnt show it off so it’s probably not there at all.

now maybe it’s just me. but if people have to mod that mechanic into a HALO game months after release. while they have garbage vaulting and sliding mechanics (that no one -Yoinking!- wants mind you) in the game at launch. that is a -Yoinking!- deal breaker for me.

before this demo i was 100% ready to dump 60 dollars or more pre ordering this game. now I’m not so sure work hard. and listen well.

This armour suits you, But it cannot hide that mark.

That brute from the demo is right if you dont give the halo fans what have been asking for for years. this will be your final chance. there wont be another.

for most of us if you screw this up most of us wont be coming back and this franchise will be officially dead. that is the last thing that I want. I’m glad you brought the classic games to PC and I couldn’t ever thank you enough for that.

but please dont take our criticism lightly. give us the classic mechanics and features that we’ve always wanted. and you will see the fan base support you to the fullest.