Making Infinite FTP should have increased player population

However, I can’t help but feel like perhaps if the game launched more complete but as a full retail game, there might be more players still.

Personally, I can find games on European servers at peak times pretty quickly, but not all the time, and some playlists like rumble pit often put me on NA servers even in the evenings here in the UK.

I really hope they do a big relaunch and push the game when season 3 launches in March. The forge beta should have settled in well by then and there should be plenty of creations to boost playlist participation.

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it was about maximizing revenue doing a hard push for a massive cash grab population count for the long run was low on the list


ftp doesn’t increase population. a good, complete, fun game increases population.
ftp just achieves a high peak in player numbers, but if the game is bad, it wont keep the players (what happened with infinite)


Please im genuinely curios what they would achieve following that big relaunch plan to bring the players back in briefly without having addressed desync first? How many times do you expect that player to return for the hype only to hit the same wall and be burnt by the same nonsense before they recognize this product is not worth their time?

Ideally yea they bloat numbers, but no sane player is going to just stick around and herp derp at desync especially if they are casual. At best, they decide its worth their time to return later but more likely they cut their losses, especially when chance after chance has been squandered and by all appearances the company is not operating even remotely close to in good faith.