Making Hemmorrhage Fun

Hi all.

I recently finished work on a variant of Hemmorhage. I started by adding things I thought might help make the map actually fun (faster respawns for vehicles, more cover, etc. etc.) and kinda got carried away, and this is the result.

I’ll describe the changes, but you may just want to download the map and see for yourself.

I’ll start with the existing Hemmorrhage bases. I kept each base identical to each other, but added a few things. Each base now has an upside-down “Tower, 2 Story” attached to the back with a Falcon on top. A Scorpion is behind this and the Wraiths have been removed. I also switched the Plasma Repeater for a Grenade Launcher and one of the Warthogs for a Rocket Hog. Other than that, the bases are the same.

Near each of the original teleporter exits, I built new bases. This is where I really got carried away, but I think it will proove to be fun (haven’t playtested it yet–all my friends stopped playing Halo…).

The Blue teleporter leads to a base with a Rocket Launcher, Focus Rifle Wraith, and Ghost. A grav lift can take you to the top of the canyon (experimental, I have no idea if this will result in spawnkilling) where this is small, open area bordered by soft kills. (Speaking of soft kills, I changed all barriers around the map to soft kill–I think–to allow more freedom of flight).

The red teleporter has been moved to just inside the “top” cave entrance for more fair movement. It empties into another base with a default Warthog, Rocket Hog, and Mongoose (I think that should be enough to counter the Wraith, and of course we could make heavy variants and stuff). There is a Fuel Rod Gun and Focus rifle here, along with a stairway to the top of the map (similar to Blue side).

I also extended the ridge between Red base and the new Blue base. This is sloppy (I won’t pretend to be an expert Forger :D) and if someone could clean it up it would be appreciated. Glass covers shield some (not all) of the ridge, allowing for an alternate (safer?) route for light vehicles. Around the middle of this “tunnel” is a ledge (out of cover) to view the canyon (mostly helpful for Blue team). There is a Plasma Launcher on this ledge and a Mongoose below it.

I’ve also placed some Seastacks in open-feeling places of the canyon on both sides, and each has a Gravity Hammer placed on them.

In the very middle of the canyon is an elevated shelf (vehicles and infantry are free to pass underneath it, but there are four ramps to the top if you want to get up) with a Banshee on top and a Spartan Laser underneath. The Banshee is shielded from both bases to prevent the tanks from simply destroying it before anyone grabs it.

Other miscellaneous changes? I removed all DMRs except the ones in the bases with the purpose of helping the vehicles (although with the added ones they may need to be edited back in). The smaller, less useful weapons (like the Needlers and Shotguns) have been left untouched…like I said before, I’m no expert with Forging and balancing.

I mostly left the spawns untouched (although I do realize they desperately need tweaking–I just threw this together over the last two days).

Any suggestions? Comments? If you could playtest it for me, that would be great–I can’t find anyone to.

Hopefully this could help free up movement, and of course I’m always open to any changes.

Forgot to mention I took a clip out of each sniper but gave it a faster respawn.

That’s cool. I might check that out.

Great, if you could give feedback if you do that would be great.