Making credits more accessible

Ok, 343i hear me out please. So as we’ve seen in halo infinites season 2 BP they gave us 1000cr in terms of maxing to tier 100 in said BP. While that’s cool I propose an idea for free to play players like me to better earn credits free so we don’t miss out on cosmetics that will never come back. Say the fracture or event pass cosmetics. It really broke my heart that I won’t ever be able to truly unlock everything for the yoroi core anymore. Samurai/Japanese styled items have always been a favorite of mine. in real life I practice the Japanese art style, I have a collection of blades that I take care of daily. I have an assortment of other traditional items as well. So the tenrai event I loved very much.

The idea: so, I propose an earning system for f2p players like myself to earn credits, you earn more credits the better your performance in-game.

example: 4v4 pvp

•1st place = 100cr.

•2nd place = 75cr.

•3rd place = 50cr.

•4th place = 25cr.

Conclusion, it is a simple and easy way to earn cr. It is better worth while as well. Even if you score low on games you’re still getting more bang for your buck. Just a couple games and you can easily buy a cosmetic you want.

Then there’s btb. it’s 8v8 or 12v12, my idea is much like the arena style. that is Lowest player gets lowest amount, top players get highest amount. But it’s different numbers due to more players.

Overall I like the game I really do. But 343i we need a way to earn credits besides paying for them. Even if you earn them in the battle pass not only is that 1000cr so you won’t be able to buy much but you still had to pay for the battle pass. So please give us f2p players something to earn credits (not for a limited time please) so we don’t miss out on things either. Thanks :pray: for listening!!!

P.s. I’m typing on phone so pardon my trash grammar.

I agree, the fact that everything is locked behind a paywall drives me away from even playing.

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I feel the same way. I don’t want a game like all the others where everything is locked behind a paywall and there’s barely any free content, and if there is it’s a one time thing and your never seeing it again.

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Yeah this would be great especially if it can be used against bots too

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