Making credits grindable could fix the store and customization

OK, let’s be real. They just can’t straight up remove it, since there are already over 88 store items planned this season. If they want to be able to say that the majority of cosmetics are grindable, then let us earn credits. For example, alongside with a capstone you’d get 100 credits. That means Free To Play players are able to unlock the battle pass in about 2.5 months, or buy a legendary skin pack in 5 months, which still is yikes, but can be done pretty quickly (compared to the next solution).

Or separate battle pass and the store. Make store items grindable, making credits easier to earn than the previous solution, and for the battle pass make it 10$ only, tier skips and xp boosts for real money as well. That means we’re going to be able get the promised “player first mentality”, while still monetizing the game th non-predatory way.

Also, if you advertise a free event, then make it a free event. Put all the stuff on the free battle pass, remove the time limited fractures and let people buy tier skips for it.

These might not be the best solution, but with current store & event state it could at least patch it up a bit.

So, what do you guys think about these solutions?


The game should have an in-game currency that can be used to purchase store items & the battle pass should’ve included premium currency in some of the free tiers.

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I like the idea of seperating the battlepass and store then letting me earn store currency. But I think the store prices are still way too high even if store currency is grindable.

Also have to agree that the event battle pas is problematic. You shouldn’t advertise a free event and show us promotional art of cool samurai armor that we can’t actually earn.

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Yeah, the first option is just a quick patch that can be done rather quickly, so that they can work on a better one later, the second requires much more work, balancing between “legendary in 1 hour” and “really grindy that it’s not fun to play and I want to delete it”

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I posted the same exact thing about capstones rewarding 100 cr in another thread, I think it’s a great idea and way to incentivize players to complete their weekly challenges. It’s not a crazy amount and it’ll realistically only either cover a bundle or the price of the pass itself by the end of a (normal) season. It’s far from a payout that’ll lose 343 money.

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Though I agree, still, the second solution is far more civilized for players. Yes, 343 would earn less money, but then why talking about “player first mentality”, “the majority of cosmetics are unlocked through playing the game”? And the event is horrendous, that is “100% free”. Like bruh, the samurai armor in the picture on the right is, like, not free at all.

That makes since for call of duty because that game is on multiple platforms and sells thru the roof. This game will always have a lower player base since it wont be on switch and ps5. They will surely start dropping prices of armor that has been out for a while to make extra scratch. but I doubt giving it away for free with grindable credits will happen.

If they wanted it earnable like you’re suggesting they’d either have to massively increase the credits we’d theoretically get, or decrease all store costs/give them a separate cost in credits ala Smite

Well yeah, they WANTED it to be that way, In the first multiplayer overview you can very much hear that.