Making coatings more desirable

Emblems have a section where you can select different colour orientations. Why not with coating’s. For example: Primary colour Blue, secondary white. These could be swapped and there could be different coating condition’s/finishes

  • Yes! I like this!

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I think cosmetics in general need to be more desirable. Prices aside, my personal purchases haven’t been motivated by “damn that looks good” reactions.

My Rust and CSGO inventory is decked out with practical and showy items, and some ludicrous items as well. My Overwatch items also represent some rare and sought after skins and promos as well. Infinite just hasn’t had anything worth purchasing in all honesty.

  • Season Pass because I saw myself putting significant time into the title. Just lucky that it included the ODST helmet for MKV core, and I’m a pretty big fan of the Reach armor set in general.

  • Cyber Showdown bundle because I had some steam credits laying around from a Rust skin sell off.

  • Estate Gold because it was the first Blue Gold/Yellow skin available outside of the hard to acquire Funko promo, and the color combo has been my go to for as long as I can remember.

It’s always great to put more power towards player control over things like customization, but more so than that your post calls attention to the fact that the overall appeal of items is subpar at best.


Just making coatings universal.

If they won’t give us the ability to customize our colors at least unlock coatings so they can be used on any armor core, weapon or vehicle. Then they might seem like the system isn’t just there to bleed money out of people.


The cosmetic system need to the thrown out entirely,
More Freedom please.

I was expecting so much with customization in Infinite… I actually thought they gonna cone up with something like forza but instead they took 2 steps back. oO


Coatings should just work as the overall design. The colors should still be selectable.

As much as I don’t want to give Borderlands 3 credit they did do it the best way possible.

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Fully customisable coatings are a must, should’ve taken the warframe approach and I’ll keep on saying that no matter what since its the best example out there when to comes to colour customisation, you buy A pallets once and can use it however you please.

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I’d say Anthem, may it rest in peace, has the best armor color customization I’ve used. Now, I have only played the beta and have no idea how the final game implemented it, but the way it worked was you had I think three or four different parts of the armor you could customize individually, I’ll call them layers here:

First, you chose the pattern of the layer like digital, woodland camo, or just plain. Then you would choose the material of the the armor layer, be it metal, plastic, or cloth, etc. Once you chose the material you could use a color wheel to choose any color for free. If I remember right depending on the pattern used you got to use multiple colors for one layer, which led to some really cool possibilities. I tried to copy the Woodland MARPAT the Marines use and was able to get pretty close using their system.

I’m surprised more developers aren’t using similar systems. My guess is the higher ups might think it gives the player too much freedom to customize which means they lose possible profits off selling customization items.

I’d definitely be down for it to make its way into Halo, though I’m sure there’s people out there that wouldn’t want anything to do with it.


Agreed. At the very least, coatings should be universal. I’m not inclined to buy any of the coatings available to just one core, because then why bother paying for a color scheme/texture I enjoy when I can’t even use it for all my cores?