Making armor coatings function cross-core feels like one of the biggest quick wins this game can get

How many people have armor coatings that they like, but they’re on a core they don’t care for? Probable a lot. Maybe people would love to wear this weeks ‘Liberty Clad’ coating, but because it only works on the Iron Eagle core they don’t buy it.

Just like how armor effects and mythic effects work on all cores, so should armor coatings. This can also help with making new armor cores interesting from the start.

Now I’m no dev, but I just feel that it is super easy to just remove the restrictions from armor coatings and make them function on all cores in the same way armor effects and mythic effects function cross-core.

I know fixing desync and adding more maps and game modes is more important than cross-core coatings, but those are not quick wins. They need A LOT of work.

Now I know 343 already talked about cross-core coatings, visors and helmets for canon cores for season 2, but just do these 3 in separate drop pods. Let the easiest to implement also be the first to drop. Don’t wait till October to do all 3!


Completely dropping the armor, weapon, and vehicle from the word coating, and making coatings completely universal would be even better.

Also unlocking visor colors.


Allowing coatings to be used across cores would also probably incentivize people to actually buy them, so 343 would get more sales. For instance, I almost exclusively play with the Reach armor core, but there’s woefully few coatings for it, and there’s no point in buying coatings that I can’t use on the Reach armor. Which sucks because a lot of the Mk VII and Iron Eagle coatings are cool as hell.

Making coating cross-core would be a huge win for everyone, hopefully they figure it out soon. The only thing I can imagine is holding it up is that they have to re-map the colors on all the coatings for all the new cores that they weren’t initially designed for. Like deciding which colors should go where on the armor in a way that looks good.

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Definitely seems like the logical next step on the “cross core journey” alluded to in the latest drop pod notes…

I genuinely think most people would be satisfied with all coatings and as many helmets as possible (at least the Canon ones) being equippable cross core. Anything above and beyond that would be spectacular, but it seems like that’s the bar where I think almost everyone would be satisfied.

No news on when cross core customization additions (coatings, helmets) are coming?

This is from the ‘live’ outcomes report 5 months ago

As we investigate what expanding to cross-core customization would require from a tech perspective, our initial focus is on enabling as many helmets, visors, and armor coatings across different cores as possible. In short, our goal is that we will be incrementally moving to a model that has coatings and visors working across all cores; with helmets and chest gear working across canon cores as our first focused changes to make in the system.

Not to be a downer but…
Considering how they haven’t accomplished anything other than visors, and that they were completely radio silent on this in their most recent 30 min long video update. Also, season 3 looks like it will be bringing a new core. I would say It is highly unlikely that it is worked on anytime soon, if ever again.

I have zero reason to put any stock in anything they say anymore. Good-will, trust, faith, and benefit of the doubt, are all things that are earned. IMO (and many other’s) they have burned through and used up all of that up, while not earning anymore.

Can we raise our standards a little? With the state of H:I right now, cross-core coating is not a win in any way.


I’m happy that the new HCS team coatings dropped the Kits part. Now you can use the teams coatings and still customize your Spartans actual gear pieces.

Just wish there was less black in their coatings, all but like 2 have a ton of black on them, one of which is purely gold, which we just got a similar coating already that was all gold.

But there is far more important matters currently to address then coatings IMO.