Making a Machinima in Reach

Hey what is up guys Doncut97 here and I need your help to create an awesome remake of my original machinima in Halo Reach that I started out with when I first got my capture card. I need plenty of Body and Voice actors. The first body acting sesion I’m doing is Monday December 17th at 8pm EST.
All we need is for people to
-Have the ODST Helmet unlocked in Reach (Military Police helmets also extremely welcomed)
-DLC downloaded since it’s free and we will need several DLC maps
-A way to voice communicate with us preferably through the xbox one party chat/xbox app for pc party chat since they can be used together.

I made a video talking about it as well, you can click here to view it. There is also a discord link in the description of my video if you want to join since we’ll be using discord to coordinate info about when we’d be doing body acting sessions.