Making A Community Funtage

Hello everyone I am Hunter from the youtube channel GamingByGamers we have made some halo funtages in the past but this time we want to make one with the community. So if you have any funny halo clips please reply to me and they will be featured in the funtage.

damn man, well if I recorded some machinima bloopers… At one point in the campaign our bodies got blown to… Well yeah and we died in a 69 position. Another time we were failing so hard to get on these pillars. Anyway, I didn’t record that, although if you want I recorded a clip of my warthog glitching and driving under water, its 5 mins long but you can cut it and put jaws music and stuff. Also if you wanna check out our montages go to youtube channel Nonheartache471. We are currently making a video so if you wanna help out than that would be amazing, like a collab. Anyway if you want my warthog clip just reply.

I subscribed to your channel.

I’ve got some clips you can use if we can collaborate. I’ve got a couple on my channel and more on my hard drive. Message me if you’d like to use them.