Making a clan

Hello, i have made a clan called HAWX but i only have 2 members in it, for any information please ask me, thank you for reading

I also have a clan, Were called Clan S80. we have been around for awhile, We started off as a small close unit, But progressed into something bigger,
I wish you all the success with your clan. Keep at it and you’ll get there.


The HAWX will be happy to have people specialized in different things like grenades or assault rifle and each 6 member will be in a group, each person in the group will be specialized in different things

What kill death ratios have you both got and where is your location?

both of us members live in germany, my K/D is 1.95 and my friend’s K/D is 0,75 he is bad i admit it but he is a good friend of mine

error last post my friends K/D is 0,95

if less then 1 person joins the clan then it will be shut down

Id be interested in joining your HAWX Clan.

but anything against being lead by a 13 year old matur gamer? if no send me a message via xbox live to D4RKNESS 360

You’ll get a friend request off a profile called UltimateGK Thats the account im using for the time being, because my gold on TamedAggression has run out. For then record im 19 and my skills are driving, offensive tactics and well i can defend when the time is right to. so yeah, that account may not have my rank and stuff but its still me on the pad. i’ll send you a friend request with tamedaggression when my gold comes on christmas.

more people here couldn’t hurt