Makeofflinehalo great again

Halo was all ways and offline game is so anoying that if a want to play multiplayer. Im require to have a internet conection to play this game. If forcing us to have internet to play this game or u will not be granted access to play it. Its the same philosophy microsoft had with the xbox one went they introduced it… halo was all ways ours now it feel like is just borrow it. this is the first time after 15 plus years the it feels like and halo game even better than reach it had brought back so many memmories and old friends back to halo that i thought it was no even posible but in the same time it is just so empty …

I did’nt enjoy guardians 5 but it was the first halo to ever need and online conection to play sistem link like CoD
It took our simple ways to play the game i know that things change with time but thats a thing i dont want it to be change.

accessibility freedom to play halo and honestly every one would had buyed this game regardles it was being offered for free. I even have a fisical copy and i have games pass i love this game and i want to be able to enjoy it like i just to.

Make offline halo great againd
Bring back Sistem link
Re join option rank

#move puerto rico to the latam region
I have a fb group with over 600 puertorican players [haloinfinitepuertorico]
That can agreed with me over this topic even the only 2 teams that actually play in the face it tornaments if we where moved to the region that we should had being in the first place we would had more representation and a increase number of players in tornament.

Thats my rant … have a good day or night

since haloCE U had the option to just play splitscreen with your friends brothers ect