Make your own firefight?

We have forge, and we have firefight. What would happen if combined them both together? We could create a map in forge, set it the map to firefight, the designate player spawns, enemy spawns, drop zones, generator locations ect.
Jump into firefight mode, choose the map you just made and set up the gametype. 'Cus honestly I wouldn’t mind making a series of tribal camps and setting brutes only in the gametype. Or even designing a castle with a moat and either having to claim or defend it.

Yes, I totally support this motion.

adding those together could be amazing maybe reenacting previous games levels? or fights that happen in other media the possibilities are endless!!

Totally agree with you !! I would like forge my own firefight maps, and forges them like some previous Halo levels. 343i, you should think about that !

Ya I would love for them to integrate firefight with forge. It would be really cool :slight_smile:

I love the idea, and I’ve loved it since Reach released. But I’m not sure 343i plans on resurrecting firefight at all at this point. I believe they should, as it is my all time favorite game type in Halo. But I don’t know that they will.

yes and have a playlist of community created firefight matches