Make Warzone Great Again (TM)

I’m getting more than tired of playing garbage Warzone games where one or more of the following happens:

  • I’m forced to join a match in progress in which my team is either down by an insurmountable amount or there are only a few other teammates (or both) - I, as a solo player, am forced into a game with other randoms (fine) against a literal entire team (not fine) of insanely high-class players (even more not fine) and are consistently matched against them (even even more not fine) - I and the others on my team are clearly matched against opponents who outclass us in every single regard and are being kill-farmed in less than five minutesIt seems hard to believe these issues aren’t fixable. As should be the casein Arena (though it’s not), the game should prioritize parties and party sizes in the matchmaking process. It’s obvious this isn’t even being take into account, let alone prioritized. It’s one thing to get rolled in Arena a shave to suffer for a few minutes, and it’s another thing to be stuck for 20 minutes or so in a Warzone match where the issue is amplified by the amount of players and the fact that kill-farming will give them quicker access to weapons that make said kill-farming even easier.

I want to play Warzone. When teams are fairly matched, it’s very fun! But I literally can count on one hand the amount of Warzone matches I’ve been in the last month that fit that description.