Make updates that matter

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343i you are going to ruin the Halo brand in its entirely if you wont start delivering updates that matter.
Noone wants updates that give you pizza-skins that doesnt matter and just make the game look more trashy than it already does.
This game has so many problems that you should fix first before you think about delivering trash like new skins and emblems. Save your time creating useless crap like this and make the game work.
Get your priorities right!
So what is wrong you ask?
I will name a few:
SPAAAAAWNS, in every frigging game mode and map. They are so ridiculous bad, every game i get shot at least once 1 second after i respawned. Spwaning in Battle of Noctus at the home base and you might end up on the highway right beside an Oni-Warthog. Thats so awesome if you invest 6 Points for a sniper and have 0 chanse using it if you get splatterd 0.5 seconds after you spawn.
Join and Progress is broken. Its possible to join 5 Games in row mid game. Also the point of bonuses and JIP is plain stupid. Use a Bonus for doing more Spartan kills than 50 percent of the player and you join in a game where the enemy team has all 3 bases and blows up your base 2 minutes after you join. Think for one secound if you implement trash like this!
Giving 150 points for killstealing an legendary enemy! Plain stupid!!! watch this vid! I just stole this crap kill and did nothing. ITS JUST WRONG and unfair and i am saying this though i have done it and got awarded for it. ITS A BAD MECHANIC
LINK: Black Ronin 88's Xbox Halo 5: Guardians clip 14095991. Find your Xbox clips on
Splattering mechanic is completly broken. How does it come that i can splatter my allies without even boosting but if i boost into an enemy it fells like hitting a rock. Watch LINK
LINK: Gamer DVR - Xbox clips, Twitch clips and streams, Xbox screenshots, Xbox videos, Xbox DVR and more on Gamer DVR!
(sry for bad english but i am not investing any time in fixing it, neither is 343i investing any time in fixing this piece of software trash called halo)

on brasil The server dont work
343 retire The local search
this game is limited on brasil
we play only campaign
we dont play multiplayer
this is ridiculous
halo R.I.P

Im sorry bro, but last update was awesome and this one will be too. Pizza skin? what about all the other goodies we are getting? This weekend we have an awesome new breakout playlist with community maps -which totally kick -Yoink- bee tee dubs.

your post is so constructive, i’ll report it right away to them, so they can see it ASAP & start working to implement your suggestions.

I’ll be using the pizza skin, so…