Make the spartan models big in Halo 4 for 3 reasons

  1. In mulitplayer i have problem seeing the spartans. Mostly because they are so small but also because of the gunfire coming out from the gun.

  2. Having these guys so small takes away lot’s of skill. One of my friends got me on reach today, and i figured i really didn’t even have to move my aim while the other team was ‘‘strafing’’(MLG). They were taking mouse steps to the left and right because they were so small.

  3. Master chief is a big badass guy!

I straight out disagree. I think the Spartan models are fine. However, if you remember, the Spartans in Reach are all Spartan III’s (bar Jorge), whereas in H4, we’ll likely see the return of Spartan II’s like Master Chief. Compare Emile to Jorge in Reach, Jorge is a lot bigger, yes? I don’t think it will be a problem.