Make the plasma pistol stronger!!

Dear 343i,

You need to make the plasma pistol stronger in some way or form. Ether make it take less shots to kill someone with it or make it that it takes longer to overheat. Its just so hard to get kills with the plasma pistol unless you ether steal someones kill or you get lucky and are able to kill a guy when you are up in there face. Also possibly make the primary firing mode have a little more range.

Thank You!!! Halo 4 is awesome!!!

They should just take off the overheating function. Loved Reach’s the most. You could effectively kill quickly with the pp.

It needs a nerf long before a buff and I mean to the overcharge and how good it is against vehicles and the fact YOU SPAWN WITH IT.

Its really not hard to get a kill with the thing. You just charge up, blast someone, and fire.

They should buff it to what weve seen at PAX :wink:

Buff it just long enough for me to finish the commendation…:wink: