Make the multiplay part like it used to be

Make the game free is your choices not our players. For those who want to play multi-player part we would either buy full game or subscribe the game pass any how.
But now you guys make the game completely free and make the progression system and microtranscation so bad that I wish the game wasn’t free. You guys make the choice and now we players need to suffer.
Just make the progression system as the same as MCC does. That people earn points and spend them to get battle pass like COD and Halo 5 did. People will buy armor if armor appearing enough.
I would say most of us MP player would still buy campign or sub GamePass anyhow. Now the way you deal with a free game is lossing a lot of players. (Inlcuding me).
I want you guys make money, but I will temporary step away from this game until everything gets fixed.
It’s so shame that you guys nailed the basic gameplay and yet broke the most unexpetected part of the game just because it’s for free.

At this point all I really want is the replacement of challenge-only progression & the restriction of armor cores to be lifted

On the latter point, it is beyond restrictive to lock armor & coatings behind cores, the intent is obviously to sell you the same items multiple times.