Make the BR 3 shot head

The BR 4 shotting 3 body, 1 head is pretty slow ttk, body shots shouldn’t get so much value

If the BR was 3 headshots this game would take way more skill.

Also starting with 2 nades makes gunplay less prevalent. I know every Halo has had 2 nades at spawn to spam but it would be a nice change only being 1, making the game more about gunplay.

The BR is already one of the easiest guns to use. Making it a 3 shot kill would make the game worse.


The BR has 4 shotted since it has existed. This will never change.


The way the BR works should never ever change… Or any weapon really. These are classics and stuff should work as they always have worked.


Halo has the slowest TTK of any shooter when it comes to gunplay, nades are dominant though.

Playing other games like Destiny and Overwatch. 3 shot head with hand cannons feels so good, 2 shot head with peacekeeper as McCree.

The BR feels nice to use ngl, just make it 3 shot head and this game would be perfect.

imo, push for the Halo Online DMR to be ported into Halo 3 instead. if its made to use the stats of the current Automag (freeing the Automag up to be more like the pistol it was in ODST/Halo 2), then it aligns exactly with what it is you’re asking for, and a DMR centric playlist could be made in the same vanity as recon slayer with the same additional settings you want as well (disabled grenade pick ups, one starter nade, etc.)

Nope, Halo is slow on purpose and a 3-shot BR is not what the players want nor the developers intention. Grenades are powerful but limited and the BR requiring 4 shots allow reversals to happen.

100% absolutely hard no.

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Do not agree in the slightest. Halo is already dominated by the BR, making it easier to use is only going to kill the game more.

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