Make Oni Gungoose Great Again

Whenever you get to know a group of players you get talking about the reqs. Some are really powerful for what they do while others are pretty weak for what they are (looking at you Echidna). Since Halo 5 came out the oni gungoose has been a kind of “red headed step child” of the vehicle family, many players hate it and would rather choose a normal gungoose over the oni variant because the ricochet is too much of a pain and can’t be relied upon. Other oni variant of vehicles and items are quite wonderful though, so why is the oni gungoose such a let down? I’ve heard some players say that it could work really well in its current form, but I never see ANYONE spawn one and actually use it.

If anyone at 343 ever reads this, please change the oni gungoose. An ideal change would be to replace the current grenade launchers with some hydra mini-missiles, making it excellent for infantry and light vehicle hunting and potentially overpowered just like the other oni vehicles.

It would have needed to be great to begin with in order to be great again.

I never use Gungooses since you’re such an easy target for direct shots. I usually get shot off before I manage to get shots downrange.
Then there’s the terrible inpredictable launchers that you need to hit both shots with to kill a man while having to compensate for bouncing and drop-off.

I wonder why we couldn’t just get the Gungooses with the machine guns on the front :confused:

Ya the ONI GG sucks big time, any other GG is great tho, i love those things. The ONI cant even one shot kill, well i still have to see it happen to me, back when i was doing the conmendation i sometimes was left with only the ONI and would use it, have had more than 10 direct hits on spartans and no death even tho it explodes on impact.

oni gungoose needs shots that dont -Yoinking!- bounce maybe a Rate of fire buff and a overshield for the rider that would be nice

Have you ever tried firing grenades endlessly into an enemy held armory? It works pretty well for getting kills with the ONI Gungoose.

No oni gungooses are actually awesome because of those rockets bounce of walls and stuff useful for invading an armory or perhaps even long distance kills
but I do agree normal gungooses are little better because one time I got a pheaton got 8 kills then got a gungooses got 9 kills so pheatons need a buff or go down to lvl 7 reqs

I sell all oni gg variants. The others are great. You can shred ghosts including ultras.

I’ve been stockpiling mine, but I don’t like 'em either. I’ve been thinking about selling my ONI GG’s. Only thing I seem to do with that is waste a req card.

Even if they left the bounce on, they could make the rockets proximity detonate. Then I’d think theyd be worth the ONI title.

Off topic: Lets make america great again!

On topic: They should make the ONI gun-goose have two 50 caliber machine guns on the front…now that would be awesome.

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> Have you ever tried firing grenades endlessly into an enemy held armory? It works pretty well for getting kills with the ONI Gungoose.

I have, but not knowing where the actual shots will go mean that you have to fire and correct angle several times or have it fire into the far off wall/ceiling. On assault a normal gungoose works great for closing off a single entrance but otherwise I’d rather save the req level for something that is the same cost (saw, whiplash, plasma caster, etc) or take the cheaper and more reliable standard goose. On any game type other than assault it ends up being a terrible vehicle unless your entire team has surrounded the enemy and they are unable to respond to you, in which case you have already won and spawning it is unrequired.

Though once again, I’ve heard people say they can make it work in just this way but I never see it actually done. People seem to either completely ignore it or to req a standard goose, something that isn’t attributed to the amazing oni hog or the oni scorpion.